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Benefits of Indoor garden

There are several benefits for Indoor plants or indoor gardening. 1. Indoor plants may help you to reduce stress levels. 2.Real plants may sharpen your attention. 3. Working with plants can be therapeutic. 4. Plants may help you recover from illness faster. 5.Plants may boost your productivity. 6.Plants may improve your whole outlook on work.Continue reading “Benefits of Indoor garden”

Indoor Garden

Keeping your surrounding with plants helps you to think positively. I really love planting indoor. So that irrespective of the weather, i.e, wheather it is day or night, rain or ray I can be with my plants. They always helps me to stay comfortable. Even when i am siting alone,plants help me from overthinking becauseContinue reading “Indoor Garden”

My Garden儭

Being alone, taught me to interact with nature.When we love nature,we will start going to find them. Soulmates not only can be seen in only mankind but in nature to because nature itself is soul. I would like to share you some pics i took at my garden. Whenever i feel unconditional,i just go outContinue reading “My Garden儭”

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